A new feature at thegoldengecko.com

Before this blog The Golden Gecko Garden Center had garden forum. It worked well except we found it very difficult to post pictures. That was one reason we started this blog, it's easier to post pictures. Other than that I liked the idea that anyone who was registered could start a conversation at the forum, and anyone could answer. We started up the forum again! It can be found here. What's neat about the forum is any number of topics can be brought up over time. One of the first forums is for those of us in the business of gardening. If you feel you can contribute or just want to check in and see what being said at the forum all you have to do is register, log in, and your ready to go. To register you'll have to use your e-mail address. I can assure you we don't collect e-mails for any other reason than for registering.

We will add topics to the forum as we, or you see fit. I started the “business of gardening” forum since I thought those of us in the various garden trades could use a place to meet, comment, and learn. My blog is a great way for me to start a conversation, but what if you want to start one but don't have a blog? Now you can post your thoughts and feelings at the forum. The goal is for anyone to be able to use this without my input. I will jump in if I have something important to say, but entire conversations can take place without my involvement.

The forum will expand to include subjects other than professionals and their interests. We want to start local conversations about gardens and gardeners in our area, as well as conversations that have interests outside our geographic area. The possibilities are endless.

You'll find a link at the bottom right hand side of this blog. There will also be a link at our main website thegoldengecko.com. When we send out our e-news to our mailing list customers the forum will have a link on the e-news so people can visit right from there. We want to see if we can get more of our local community involved, so forum topics concerning the dust up over native plants requirements in Placerville , or the looming water restrictions we could face, could be addressed.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Has anyone else in the garden center business had any experience with forums at their business? Are there any other garden centers doing this?