Courage is something that seems lacking these days. The courage to speak you mind, the courage to try something new, the courage to admit mistakes and move on, etc. So its great to hear of stories that involve courage and overcoming fears. Pam at Digging has such a story about her recent public speaking event. Great story Pam!

If we are going to get more people interested in the joys of the garden its going to be up to us to have the courage and spread the word. If those of us in the blogging world don't do it then we will be left to places like Sunnyville at the Lowes web site to do the job. Or Scotts new web page with people like “Fear the Vest” telling us when the next application of Halts needs to be made.

Don't underestimate the power you have to make change. Do you want a world where our kids learn about gardening from computer created Sunnyville or Scotts weird blogger page? I would rather spread the word via our blogs where real people reside, through public speaking to small groups that want to learn, and at your local quality independent garden center. Each one of those endeavors require a certain amount of courage. Are you ready?