After 50 years, Yerba Buena Nursery has moved.

After over 50 years at their location on Skyline Blvd., Yerba Buena Nursery is moving! The California native plant nursery is headed to new digs in Half Moon Bay along Hwy. 92, near Pastorino Farms. Anyone who has visited their Skyline location can attest to it's beauty, yet it is a bit out of the way. Only people looking for the place would likely have ended up there. With this new location on a heavily traveled road they will have a chance to draw in more casual visitors.

I have only been to Yerba Buena Nursery a couple of times. It's been quite a awhile since I can remember being waited on by the founder, Gerda Isenberg. Gerda was a pioneer in the California native plant world.  I was working at Christensen's Nursery in Belmont, just over the hill from Yerba Buena. We took the drive up Skyline Blvd. searching for the nursery, as it was at the time the only native plant nursery around. This must have been the early 80's, and I can remember driving down a long dirt road to a nursery carved out of the surrounding redwoods. Gerda was there doing nursery stuff, and tea was being served. It seemed like a magical place.

Even though the Skyline location was where it all started and has the memories, it will be easier to visit the new location. It's also nice to see Half Moon Bay continue it's reputation as a nursery town.  We will make a point to visit the next time we're headed coast side.