Buy quality-all the time

With all the talk concerning, “buying local” it’s important to realize that local doesn't always equal quality. I prefer quality over local. Of course if it’s local and quality made that’s great, but I think in our efforts to promote “local” we might be missing the big picture. Rather than the “buy local” theme going around this year it would be nice to promote “quality and "craftsmanship”, where ever it’s from. Like it our not we all reside on this planet, and trade with other nations is what “makes the world  go round”.

Right now this sign is floating around on Facebook. It asks how buying discounted stuff from China is going to help the economy in the USA?  What if I buy cheap stuff from the tourist spots at Fisherman's Wharf? Is it OK because the store is here and locally owned, but the stuff is from another country? To be a “ conscientious buyer” do I have to buy only stuff made in The USA, and only at a locally owned store? Is China the only source for poorly made stuff? What if it's poorly made and from LA?

I understand the feeling behind the “shop local” theme. I think better would be to eschew poorly made crap for quality stuff, no matter where it’s made. After all the locally owned store that sells imported quality products needs support, too.

I would change the sign to:

"How is buying crap wherever it's made help the economy? Buy quality made products from quality stores, locally owned if possible. Buy quality-all the time".

Just my thoughts on this rainy day here in northern California while drinking my coffee sourced from Indonesia and Central America and roasted in Canada.