Pieris is one of our favorite plants for the sha…

Pieris is one of our favorite plants for the shade. It starts blooming in late winter and continues through spring, providing a long bloom season. In addition some pieris, like “Mountain Fire”, have new growth that is bright red, providing further interest. In the foothills deer resistance is important, and pieris has good deer resistance.

There are a number of different varieties of peris, each with it’s own attributes. Two of my favorite are “Prelude” and “Mountain Fire”. “Prelude” is pictured above. It grows to about two feet tall and wide, with clusters of white bell shaped flowers that stand above the foliage. Its shape is a neat, rounded form. Place it in the foreground of your planting beds.
“Mt. Fire” is a taller grower, up to six feet plus. It has of bell shaped flowers that hang in pendulous clusters. While flowering, new growth that is bright red appears creating a spectacular display. Since it gets tall, use it in the background of smaller plantings, or as a screen.

If you would like to explore the world of pieris now would be a great time.