Save a tree from what?

balsamfirs.jpgAround this time every year someone comes out and says “save a tree” and buy an artificial Christmas tree. I guess these people imagine folks going through the woods chopping trees down wily nilly as Bambi and friends scurry away in fear.

These ideas are usually forwarded by people divorced from the realities of the natural and agricultural world. The places where these trees are grown are farms. We live in the mountains where Christmas tree farms abound and can assure you the farms are not destroying the environment, rather its one way to make the farm profitable and prevet the spread of urbanization into the foothills and mountains.

So where does this “save a tree” concerning Christmas trees thinking come from? I have been hearing this since the 70's and it so “played.” Don't get me wrong, there are many trees that do need to be saved, just not Christmas trees which are a crop like carrots or soy beans, which are replanted every year.

I have no opinion on weather a living Christmas tree, cut Christmas tree, or artificial Christmas tree is a better choice. I see no harm in any of them. So let's quit picking on Christmas tree growers who have many of the same concerns as the rest of us in agriculture, one of which is a consumer so removed from the natural world that decisions are made based on poor information.

The author of the post mentioned above claims " in support of our country’s effort to go GREEN, I would like to dedicate this post to the wonders of “Indoor Artificial Christmas Trees !!!" My suggestion is to help the country go green by supporting your local Christmas tree growers who's farms are suppling needed oxygen and green space rather than increased urbanization.