Bringing Your Garden Business Into "The Now"

The plan is working! Slowly but surely we are bringing garden centers out of marketing's past and into the future with social media. Our group, Independent Garden Centers and Nurseries (IGC&N) is an informal venue where nursery professionals can meet and discuss. What I have noticed is often it's a forward thinking manager or employee who first joins. Kind of a "check it out for the boss" effect. Or it might be, "if I let you join will you quit bugging me about social media?"

So today there is a post in the group from a member who belongs to a large chain of well known  garden centers. She has just received a new smart phone form the owners! Why did the owners, who we're not huge fans of social media in the beginning relent? One of the reasons the owners gave was this persons work with our group, and social media. They are seeing results from her efforts!

To think that just being a active member of a group of like minded people could change the focus of a major garden business is exciting. It shows "ideas" and not "stuff" is where the action is. If you are looking for a way to bring your garden business into "the now" but are getting a little resistance from the powers to be, this might be one way.

If you are a employee or owner of a Independent Garden Center or Nursery ask to join here. You'll need a Facebook account, but that's easy to set up.  Maybe your boss will buy you a smart phone. Or perhaps you'll become so valuable to the company they can't see running it with out you. Either way it's a win for you and the business. The group is free to join.

The above picture is of  The Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park. It's well hidden, just behind the California Academy of Sciences.