Wanted: "Change Agents"

Are your in the garden center business? Are you interested in becoming involved with other "change agents" in our trade? Do you find some organizations to "top-heavy" with no real interaction amongst the members? I do, and have found the solution. It's the most active garden business page I have found on Facebook, Independent Garden Centers & Nurseries. To join you need to be working at, or own a retail garden center or nursery. The size of the nursery is not important, but rather the size of your ideas that matters. You'll get more information, in a quicker format than any other place, or event. No top down hierarchy to water things down. No advertising. No mass merchants. No vendors. No wholesale growers. Cost? Your time. Results, usually within minutes. We are now an international group with members from Europe joining in.

Just yesterday someone in our group asked, "How are Christmas Tree Sales so far?". This morning there are 22 comments. Real time results. Another member the day before asks, "Have any of you relocated your business from an out of the way location to a better location?" 16 comments by the end of the day. Again, nowhere is there this kind of interaction in our trade on any other trade media page.

Why do we get results? The people on the page WANT to be there. It's not about "being a member", but rather seeing results. Many of our members have mentioned how the ideas that have been discussed on the page, when implemented have produced positive outcomes.

If you feel like your just not getting the results you would like from your current efforts, join us and make a difference. Go to our Facebook Page, ask to join, and be patient. It takes three days to be accepted, but it's worth the wait. You'll be amongst others who see things a little differently than the mainstream.