Hello Kitty plants are here!

According to FloraHolland.com "Flora Holland, in cooperation with Clayrton's Design and Packaging and ten reputable growers, has developed a unique retail concept called Hello Kitty Plants." According to FloraHolland.com, "The target group of Hello Kitty Plants, which consists of young girls and women, constitutes a large potential market for flowers and plants. Hello Kitty's ubiquitous pink and overall image go together well with flowers and plants, and because of its global presence, the Hello Kitty Plants concept has sales potential in every country."

It would seem everyone want's to get in on the "branding" bandwagon. Sunset Magazine recently announced it's new, "Sunset Western Garden Collection" that according to the website Plantdevelopment.com, "is an exclusive plant collection specifically designed for landscapes of the West." This follows HGTV's recently announced plant collection. Agricola Management Group say's, "The new plant line, featuring everything from high quality perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees to seeds, bulbs and more, comes to market backed by the media power of HGTV and its own high impact marketing program, supported by hgtv.com."