Our garden in early July

Here are some pictures of my vegetable garden this morning. Things are finally coming Another view of the July gardenalong now that the summer heat has settled in. We are located in the Sierra foothills so we are a bit behind our friends in the Sacramento Valley. We have also seen great results with our compost tea. That's all we have fed with this year. Tonight we will sprinkle about a half a cup of earthworm castings around the base of each plant.Basil

The basil is very lush this year.

The garden in early July

The white container pictured is what we use to bring home the compost tea. There is a small battery operated pump attached that keeps oxygen bubbling through the blend, which is so important. Without the oxygen the beneficial bacteria and fungi would start to die after about 45 minutes. With the special container it gives us a few hours to work with it.