The 24 hour nursery

The consumer wants information. The garden center that can supply the most amount of information in an easy to find way will win. We all know the value of an on site nursery professional that can answer a gardening question with ease. But that’s only when they are working, and the store is open. Now people want their questions answered any time anywhere. I do much of my research after hours on the internet. So do my customers.

While it is nice to entice the customer into the store where the potential for greater sales exist is also important to be there when they need help away from the store. I think having the ability to answer questions over the internet is a huge plus for the garden center. We try to answer questions within 24 hours. It’s not always possible but it does seem everyone is grateful for a quick response.

How great is it that we can now have customers e-mail pictures of their concerns so as that we can give them the correct answer. Sure it doesn’t mean a sale today, but by being the expert that can help out anytime they are more likely to come into the store next time around, or buy from our offerings over the internet.

While the idea of being a 24 hour nursery is enough to make a grown nurseyperson cry, we really don’t have to be physically open 24 hours a day. It’s all about perception. If I can ask my question tonight, with the promise of an answer tomorrow before noon that means a lot. The consumer wants access 24 hours a day. Let’s give it to them.