The spring season so far...

Over at Today's Garden Center they have a report about how spring is going for retail garden centers this spring. Titled, "Spring a Mixed Bag For Garden Retailers" the report shines the light on some bright spot's, and not so bright spot's across the country. Truly a mixed bag. The weather has been the number one reason for most businesses reporting a decline in sales. That coupled with the economy makes for some challenges. Some are doing better than last year. One respondent mentioned the up tick in gas prices helping their business. Seems people are staying closer to home, and working in their gardens.

We have a storm moving in today here in northern California, which is rather late for this kind of activity. People here are just now planting their summer vegetables. We'll have to wait and see how it all unfolds, but so far we are doing alright at our garden center.

Now it's off to go cover the potting soils for the umpteenth time. If the bags get really wet they can get quite heavy. Since I do much of the loading of soils, keeping them dry is imperative.