The Ladybugs are Back!

The lady bugs are back. They just arrived on their migration up-country where they breed between 2000 and 3000 foot altitude. When they return it’s almost impossible not to notice. Our neighbor even called to let us know they were back. I believe they move up creeks and streams to their breeding grounds. They hang out in the millions and sometimes cover tree trunks and rocks. Breeding grounds are kept secret by those who know where they are.

I know of one such breeding ground, a few miles from here and will go to see if I can get some photos. The shear number of lady bugs that hang out around here must explain why last year we only had to spray once for aphids. So far this year we have had no aphis activity. There are so many out there right now that you would have to keep your mouth closed as they might just fly right in. I tried to take a picture of them flying around but they are too small and fast to capture on film.

Go Ladybugs!