The Golden Gecko Exterior Home Improvement Place.

My last post on “de-emphasizing gardening’ got me to thinking. That would mean changing the name of ours and every other garden center business.

If you are going to de-emphasize gardening then we really need to think about what we are going to call ourselves. Now we could be Golden Gecko Nursery, but that confuses people as nursery can be a child nursery as well as a plant nursery. Golden Gecko Horticultural Center might work but I am afraid for most people spelling horticultural could be daunting. Golden Gecko Plant Place just doesn’t have any cache. How about The Golden Gecko Exterior Home Improvement Place?

We are an industry having a serious case of identity crises. We are so freaked out that we are running from the very hobby that created us, gardening. Gardening is so “old school” according to some industry experts that we can’t possibly survive without throwing the baby out with the bath water. Emphasize the increased market value of the landscape and de-emphasize the very act that gives our store part of its name, garden.

Gardening brings us closer to nature and the very environment that has us so concerned. As we get older the very act of gardening can keep us healthy and more flexible while at the same time changing for the better our own little corner of the eco-system. Gardening can be a great stress reducer. Now who couldn't use a little stress relief?

We are going to focus our energies in not running from gardening but instead embracing it. We are seeing an interest from younger people in growing their own food and maintaining their own gardens. Sure the majority of people could care less about gardening, but we have never been focused on the majority. That’s the realm of the box stores. Let them de-emphasize gardening, while we cater to those who still find joy in getting their hands dirty.